Siri Watu ©


SIRI WATU (The Secret people) TV Series

2007 – 2017


The initial idea, of Siri Watu, was conceptualised by the Awali Studios team early 2007.  We had a great love for 3D animation, but were not willing to move overseas in order to pursue that passion. Over time we took the initial idea and developed it into a more desirable project.

At first, Awali Studios looked at the reasons why South Africa does not produce 3D animation for serial television purposes. The answer was simple: it takes time and money. As a result, we set out to develop a system that can alleviate both elements.

In order to achieve high quality, aesthetically pleasing, fast flowing High Definition imagery, we extensively researched, for over 5 years, all the best 3D applications and render formats. Through our research we created a technique that allows us to compete with larger production companies. Awali Studios’ ingenuity may be witnessed through the Beta version of our workflow system, in our first technical/promotional video, now on Youtube.

Watch it here: Awali Studios first 3D video

We used one animator, with one high end laptop to develop this video over the astonishingly short period of 3 weeks. The current system is more effective; our turn around period, for even higher quality material, has dropped by nearly half the time required to produce future content.