Awali Studios is dedicated to improving the working spaces of young African artists. We believe that art and artists play an essential part in helping to heal the wounds of Africa’s problematic past. We also believe that artists help to explore, introduce and connect the multi-cultural, multi-heritage and multi-linguistic identities of Africans to both other Africans and the world.

To achieve this goal, we aim to help progress the opportunities available to deserving, hard-working artists that have incredible potential to be contributing members of the constantly growing Awali Studios team.

IMG-20160306-WA0006The first of these artists we see potential in, is a long time creative partner to Awali Studios’ Lead Writer (Ziyaad Rahman), Duvan Botha, whom Awali is helping to rear.

Duvan and Ziyaad met when Ziyaad was doing his undergraduate year at the University of the Western Cape. They began to work on several ideas for future African media content, at a point when Awali Studios was a mere dream. Unfortunately, circumstances pulled Duvan from Cape Town, the city in which Ziyaad lived in, and away to Port Elizabeth. Ziyaad and Duvan continued to stay in contact, but the long distance placed a lot of financial strain on their dreams.

This is why today we invite you not only to invest in Awali Studios, but the vibrant group of artists we intend to bring along with us, like Duvan.

Enjoy our Galleries

Diallo Blaze

Siri Watu Characters

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Inheritors of Merlin Concept Manga

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Art Influences

Jump on over to the section dedicated to Siri Watu, here you will find a Technical Video and Character Descriptions for the animated series Awali Studios aims to bring to the public.


Awali Studios is proud to be in partnership with Ziyaad, Duvan and other up and coming African artists. We hope that together we can bring our artistic dreams to life, as we manage our resources to host and promote a page dedicated to getting artists, like Duvan and the rest of the Awali Studios team, the equipment needed to bring our art to the public. | Together We Grow.