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New Fire Guardian
DialoDialo hungers for a challenge; it feeds his reckless ambition and his desire to explore the wonders of the world. Due to his temperament, brashness, wit and hyperactivity he is incapable of taking a backseat to anyone else’s whims. He often takes the leadership role, even though others in his proximity have not warranted him the position. His deliberately impulsive behavior places him, along with any friends unlucky enough to be with him, in potentially exciting yet dangerous situations.
The greatest challenge to Diallo is his over-confidence.  He faces this head-on when a larger world, that he does not understand, is too much for his untamed flame to burn through.  Can this thirteen-year-old boy come to terms with his shortcomings whilst trying to stake his claim at being a hero and carrying out his monumental responsibility?


New Wind Guardian
AyandaAyanda riles when a storm approaches, as the pressure mounts and danger nears. She will outmaneuver you; let not her appearance deceive you. Ayanda’s challenge lies in her dissociation with those around her. Her intelligence, beauty and athleticism often far exceed her peers.  Because of this, she is incapable of connecting with them. It is a disconnect she cares little about.   Her ego can be overwhelming to those who do not know her, but it is welcomed by those who do; those who know of her best.
Her world is spun upside down when she realizes she is a product of rearing; trained her entire life to accept a responsibility left to her by her parents. Her very serious approach to life causes her to be sarcastic when others are weak; at least when she thinks they should be strong. However, similarly to Diallo, she is at awe with the mystery of the world. This is an awe that is constantly in friction with her strong desires to understand and overcome all challenges. Will the weight of the world suffocate Ayanda if she fails to carry it, especially considering that this weight is not metaphorical?


New Earth Guardian
SenzoAll shall fear when Senzo Tha’ – impassable – Wall is near. Whilst many may not know this, with legends building amidst his peers about Tha’ – impassable – Wall, Senzo uses his strength for self-sacrifice rather than to intimidate. Stigmatized as a quiet individual ready to explode, Senzo is in fact at peace with himself and his surroundings.  He often only fnds harm when others close to him are in danger.
Senzo’s world is thrown on its head when he discovers his family history is much more complicated than he would have imagined. Toppled with responsibility and silent history, can the wise Senzo’s inability to stop himself from putting his own body on the line for others be his downfall?


New Water Guardian
ZitaZita’s heart will soothe you, heal you, and mend your soul, but be careful not to hurt her, for it can also drown you. Although overly sympathetic, Zita can often perceive reality more clearly and intimately than those more calculating than her. Unfortunately, her overwhelming compassion comes with a sacrifice; she has the inability to tackle her own emotions. More so, there’s a heavy secret that Zita carries, causing her to close off her own wounds to others.
Will this secret sink her into depression or build into a tsunami, ruining not only her life but those she has come to hold most dear?


Master-TWhen your nose burns and the hind side of your neck itches, wonder no more because you’ve been dealt a fart of masterful proportions; you’ve been touched by Master Tshikelele. Not much is known about Master Tshikelele. Well, not much outside of his fanatic enthusiasm for cricket. Although having never met him before, Master Tshikelele is quizzically familiar to our four heroes. Has this eccentric, clumsily graceful, masterfully humorous, and wisely stern lover of cricket, always been in their lives, watching?
And, is he, a probably sane, bumbling old man, with an incalculable reserve of unknown, what promising teenagers introduced to who they really are, need?


VaughnVaughn is passive, shy, quiet and timid, he can be calculating and temperamental, but he is hindered by his fear. This fear is dampened by proximity to his two closest friends, Senzo and Dialo, who will always protect him against any danger.  He views, Dialo and Senzo, as his closest friends. And, even though he often finds himself bickering with Dialo, it is generally done lightheartedly. His world is small, and he generally likes it this way, for Dialo and Senzo are the only two people, aside from his sister, he is capable of speaking openly with.
However, due to Senzo and Dialo’s frequent absences in his life, Vaughn finds himself facing loneliness which draws him into himself and a danger he is unprepared for…

A being of immense environmental force

The source of incredible mystery in the universe of Siri Watu.