Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1

Episode 1 & 2 (Pilot)

The world is inhabited by strange and powerful people, hidden for years in silence, unknown and exile. An eclectic group of teenagers from different corners of Africa are on their way to Camp Tshukudu (Rhino), where unbeknownst to them, adventure, mystery and glorious destiny waits. Dialo, the brave loud mouth; Senzo, the gentle giant; Ayanda, the all-round genius and Zita, the enigmatic traveler from Namibia, are drawn to a mysterious building in a forbidden section of the camp. Before reaching it, however, they are attacked by two sinister figures in hooded cloaks. Unable to reconsider, the teenagers rush into the mysterious building in panic. In it, they are forced to triumph through a fantastical underground maze that rewards them with a heritage lesson they will never forget, by an implausible being with the same effect, the Ecomancer.

In the meanwhile, Vaughn, a friend of Dialo and Senzo and an attendee at Camp Tshukudu, is bullied. As he quivers in pain and humiliation, the hooded figures watch him with interest. They see in him potential.

Back inside the Ecomancer’s lair, Dialo, Senzo, Ayanda and Zita are introduced to their new teacher, Master Tshikelele. They instantly recognize him; each by a different name. He tells them the history of a powerful group of wielders, the Guardians of Africa, their ancestors. Deep in the city, an enemy of the Guardians, known only as the Under Lord, is busy experimenting on missing children; he is accompanied by the hooded figures. The experiments appear to be failing, and the Under Lord, unhappy, tells his henchmen to find a suitable candidate for his next experiment.